Hello Dan & Toca Boca Team

Here are several projects relating to "playing" that I put together for you to review. 
As a designer, I would like my designs based on the primary production process of different materials so they can be easily mass production with a reasonable cost. To do so, I tend to broaden my knowledge in materials and manufacturing processes by working tightly with experts. I believe in good communication would lead to a good solution.
I have more than ten years design experience, if you are interested, I am happy to share other projects that I have involved.


PlayMe collection


PlayMe Toys specialises in wooden toys for more than 30 years; they have vast knowledge in wood manufacturing. This project is collaborated with them and creates products that benefit kids while playing.

Thorough factory visiting, I learned their speciality in the wood production process. After the intense discussion and brainstorming, we decide to focus on three topics, which are hand movement, eye–hand coordination and creativity. 

The development took several months, including sketching, prototyping, testing, etc. 
In the end, these products were selected in Golden Pin Design Award* and sold worldwide.


*Golden Pin Design Award is the longest running, most authoritative, and best-known professional design competition in Taiwan. 



The Magic Kid

The Magic Kid is designed with general principles of science, especially magnetism. The spinning top and the wand are made out of beautifully shaped wood with several magnets hidden inside. When these items are played together, they create different but predictable movements which encourage interaction and playful behaviour. While playing and acting as a magician, kids will explore and learn the power of magnets.


Woody Wonderland

Woody Wonderland is a playful medium focusing on creative storytelling within a family. By using different forms of wood combined with silicon joints, kids can use these elements to build up their stories. In this way, Woody Wonderland does not only naturally stimulate kids’ imagination but also trigger their creativity in endless ways.

Magical Beans

Magical Beans are inspired by a traditional Taiwanese activity where people place eggs on the pointed side at noon time during the Dragon Boat Festival.
They are designed specifically from the principle of balance, the centre of gravity varies in different shapes of beans so that each bean has its unique moving pattern and it's a challenge to keep them balanced while stacking the pieces up. In this way, kids will practice their hand skills while playing and managing to control Magical Beans.


Other Projects