Hello Adam Hassan & DesignIT Team


Here are several projects relating to "playing", "kids" and "tech product" that I put together for you to review. 

When I was an in-house designer in ODM/OEM companies, my clients usually provide initial concepts, and then I work with in-house engineering team to develop a feasible solution regarding usability, aesthetics, and production process. This process requires excellent communication and genuinely leads to a good result. I am proud to make my clients' ideas come alive. I also study our primary customers' profiles and provide concepts that fit their market trends, because I believe two-way communication brings out the best in the partnership.

I have more than ten years design experience, if you are interested, I am happy to share other projects that I have involved.


PlayMe collection


PlayMe Toys specialises in wooden toys for more than 30 years; they have vast knowledge in wood manufacturing. This project is collaborated with them and creates products that benefit kids while playing.

Thorough factory visiting, I learned their speciality in the wood production process. After the intense discussion and brainstorming, we decide to focus on three topics, which are hand movement, eye–hand coordination and creativity. The development took several months, including sketching, prototyping, testing, etc. In the end, these products were selected in Golden Pin Design Award* and sold worldwide.


*Golden Pin Design Award is the longest running, most authoritative, and best-known professional design competition in Taiwan. 


Other Projects