Hello Susanne,

I am an experienced industrial designer, and I believe my experience in product development, project management, and design thinking approach would make me a great addition to your team. I am interested in the crime-related project since my study in London. Here is one of Design Against Crime projects that won RSA Awards at https://www.pu-tai.com/design-against/

I have worked in product development for many years, and I am familiar with different creative processes from observing users, analysing experience journeys, creating scenarios to design, manufacture and launch products. I currently have projects related to design thinking method with Karolinska Institutet. 

I am a problem solver and not afraid to get my hands dirty, as long as I get things done, that is what I learned from previous experience working at a two different design service agencies. The tempo and design process was fast with a strong result oriented approach. As a designer but more on a personal level, I am always following and keeping myself up to date with new trends, from physical objects to service design, and the overall user experience that provides.

When I was a project manager at Shummi, I coordinated different requests by prioritising them and kept transparent communication with stakeholders. Be warm and be real to everyone, that's how I work. I found that being honest and try to see things from others perspective are great tools when communicating and working together. As you can see from my CV, I have gained my Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate. This gave me great tools to handle work-related conflicts and challenging situations.

I believe in human-centred design and always been curious about all kinds of innovations, especially those services that combine physical & digital products. I genuinely think my project management experience and design background fits well with what you are looking for at MSAB. Please do not hesitate to call me on 073 735 0341 so we can discuss future possibilities. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Pu Tai